Yokohama Geolandar (G094)


When the road ends, the fun begins. The GEOLANDAR® A/T G015 is the ideal all-terrain tire for all weather conditions, delivering a perfect blend of on- and off-road performance, capability and comfort for drivers of today’s light trucks and SUVs.

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The Geolandar A/T G094 is an all-terrain 4×4 tyre, designed for strong traction in all conditions. It features an ‘Enduro Compound’ that was created to encourage off-road robustness and resistance against damage.

The tread pattern of the Geolandar A/T G094 two different types of grooves – circumferential grooves and edgetec grooves. The circumferential grooves have been designed to deliver excellent water evacuation in order to reduce aquaplaning, whereas the edgetec grooves have been designed to create more cutting edges to increase traction in winter conditions.

To increase confidence in the all-season traction, the tread pattern also includes triple 3D sipes that change shape as the tread wears to maintain biting edges at all points in the tyre’s  lifetime.

Key Features & Benefits :

  • Greater Durability and Longer Life
  •  Excellent Wet Grip and Off Road Traction

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