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AL-Majeed Tyres Limited was founded in 1989 with a spirit to provide society a better way to move forward. The Company has evolved to become one of the leading in suppliers of Tyres in Pakistan. Our wide range of Products, superior Quality, after-sales Services and competitive Prices have allowed us to establish an excellent reputation amongst a diverse customer and consumer base.
For almost 32 years, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that have built and strengthened our relationship with our customers. We are gratified to be the market leaders in car tyres in Pakistan for both the OEM and Replacement markets. Due to our quality certifications, Al Majeed tyres are regularly sell to our Pakistani market.
Driven by Innovation, AL-Majeed Tyre is known for being the first for wide range of international tyres.

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    Now get your tyres fitted by our expert technician through our mobile tyre fitment van. Our tyre fitment team is well trained and professional in their work. Avail our services now !


    Wheel balancing—also known as tyre balancing—is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tyre and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed.


    When tyres are fitted to wheels at the point of sale, they are measured again on a balancing machine, and correction weights are applied to counteract their combined unbalance.


    It is our recommendation that when you purchase new tyres you buy valves as well.The most durable ones are reinforced metal valves,rubber valves, etc.


    Alignment assures your tyres meet the road at the proper angle, your wheels are pointing straight and your tyres are centered in the wheel wells.

    Nitrogen Inflation

    Filling your car's tyres with nitrogen will reduce air loss, boost fuel economy, reduce rolling resistance, and improve safety.